Thursday, March 31, 2016


Now I can tell you the exciting news.  We are opening another sales lot and it is at the beach.  Super excited.  Paper work has been signed and we have applied for our license and transfer of information.  All this would have been completed but we had to wait on the bond.  Oh the joy.  The long weeks on the water.  This is so exciting.  Not only for the beach weekends but also for the extra income.  As I said before.  God is on my side!

Hope to buy the extra goodies for the play house this weekend and be close to finishing it.  With the landscaping being done and watching the E's I have gotten behind.  I have a guy coming to shingle it next week.  I just am to lazy to get back on that roof.  Plus last time I got caught in the rain.

Life is great on the Bigger side.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tired, Hurt, Sore, Busy, Happy

I've been busting my ass these past few days.  Still big news coming from the work world.   I will be able to discuss it soon enough.  I'm tired because I am not sleeping.  I am having a problem with my arm causing me to be woke up several times a night.  I hurt/sore from my back catching Saturday and then still working around the house.  Of course I am busy but it feels so good. And lastly I am happy.  I have several reasons to be happy.  Mostly I feel I have made some good decisions because of things that are happening.  No one can ever see the future however I was right about several things and I have saved my self so many problems and issues.  God is on my side.  I'm am so thankful to be back in his arms.  I fail him daily.  But he loves me and supports me in my decisions.  Expect alcohol.  Got to go.

Friday, March 25, 2016

It finally happened

After 34 years of life I have had a death threat.  Whats funny is it did not come form anyone that has any association with me.  It came from someone whom I had given a gift.  It was funny to me.  Still wandering if the threat came from her or her husband, however knowing what I know im sure it was from her. OH WELL.  Luckly I have no reason to be scared or threatened.  It is just one of those things.  Everyone in my family is safe and so am I.  Other than that this week has just been fullfilled with lots of work and fun and trips.  Been to the water, the zoo and large towns.  Been shopping and scored some awesome things I think I can make money on through the internet.  We will see.  Im about to hit the road again.  Lots of miles this week.  I hope everyone is having a great Easter.  Peace brothers and sisters. Till next time.  Unless I am killed lol.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lions, Giraffes and Bears

Went on a field trip yesterday.  It was awesome.  my oldest daughter and I walked around with her friend and her friends mom.  It was a great time!  We saw all the animals there as far as I  know.  It was just a fun laughter filled time.  Its was great hanging out with good company and just enjoying the beautful weather and all.  With Easter break upon us I think these next two weeks will even be better.  Ill check in later, With me missing a day and my phone dying I have a lot of catching up to do.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Awesome weekend

Had a great weekend.  Now its back to work with a slight day off tomorrow and preparation for the WSOP.  I think I need to play poker....... Pokeher..... poke something........  See this whole you cant be friends with a girl and not have sex thing is a lie.  Im doing it as we speak.  So there world try that on for size.  Oh and play house only needs inside trim and floor.  I picked up the things needed for the outside this weekend and will still be working on it all this week.  I hope to be replacing vinyl and building the hog pen this weekend.  We shall see.  As of this afternoon I think I will be taking a ride to the coast.  Just cause I can.

Friday, March 18, 2016

It happened

It sure did.  Very excited about things we have going on.  It just adds to my work load but I am still super excited.  "All this preparation I have been doing will pay off."  Just very excited.

Also my wife and I got all the ceiling hung in the play house last night.

Which means I might just might have it close for them this weekend.  I hope to have back wall finished tonight.  then some paint and lino and trim Boom inside will be done!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Work Work

Just working hard.  I start at 8 in the morning and usually do not stop until 12 at night.  Hey its just how it goes.  But it pays off.

The ac fell out of the play house and will not work now.  It was my fault for not properly securing it.  However I had a bigger better one give to me last night.  On top of that I think I only have like $200 in this thing as far as my own money.  That's total.  I hope to post pictures when I am done with it.  I plan to be completely finished my the end of April.  There may be a chance that I will have it finished enough for the girls to start playing in it by the end of the this weekend.  That is if it does not rain me out.  I will still have trim work to finish but I have got to get my pig pen built also.  Lots of things going on and working out.

Very exciting news around work also.  I cant say anything yet but if I think I am busy now I will be killing it mid summer.  And probably will be able to stay at the beach house more.  HUH!!!!  Just a thought.  I might could actually arrange to move there.  Seriously I could move my whole family there and then come back home on the weekends.  BRAIN THOUGHT>>>>>>>> I wonder how the neighbors would feel about the play house being in the back yard, or is that front yard, The yard facing the water.  That would be awesome kick back looking out the door at the water watching the tv sitting in the coolness.  Geez sounds like a vacation.  Ok back to reality the HOA wouldnt allow it and I doubt I move to the beach.  I just kinda like the farm and my new adventures I am starting.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Still laughing

I still laugh at two comments made this weekend.  First was "Man that is a deep hole"  The second "Fried Chicken Country Ham its your Birthday Hot Damn"  Oh my that was awesome.  I get the best laughs from people.

Still working on the play house.  I will some how some way finish the vinyl on the rear tonight.  I also will be putting the osb board up on the inside tonight and have got to get the majority of it finished before Wednesday night.  I have got to carry the tractor to get it serviced Thursday.  SIGHHHHH  I am working my ass off and love it.  The only problem I am having right this minute is that I am not sleeping at night.  This morning at 1am I was thinking.  I should be doing something.  And when I do sleep I have the craziest dreams.  I am either in an episode of Walking Dead or I am at a crazy big house running all around.  It is just crazy the things your mind can produce.  With all that being said I did say last time I wouldn't be back till I got paid.  Well I haven't gotten the check but its in the mail.  LIFE IS GREAT

Monday, March 14, 2016

Birth Control

So my weekend consisted of watching 4 kids 2 and under.  Plus heavy drinking and working on the play house with dreams of raising pigs.  It was pretty awesome.  Time to get back to work though.  Money is short and I need to go play Texas holdem in Baltimore.  So have a great week blogging world.  Bigger is signing out until he gets paid!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Slight Headache

On Wednesdays I try my best to eat lunch with my wife.  While we where eating my phone rang.  I knew it was work but turned out to be my 2nd boss.  This is what I call her.  She runs the poker game I play sometimes.  She needed me to cook and asked if I could play.  They had about 18 playing and where running 2 tables with bonus hands every 2 hours.  Of course I said yes.  Who doesn't want to drink, play cards and stay up late partying?  So I went  and cooked and sat down at a $1-$3 table.  My cards where middle run cards I lost several hands but drink many beers.  I lost down on that $300 and got $100 more.  I lost down on it and got $200 more.  Now keep in mind she is writing these down in a book.  I have not actually paid her for these chips.  But she knows I would never short her and we can always make sure we even up.  Ill let you think what you want about that comment.  LOL I'm saying trading services for money if I don't have it or she cant pay me for what I win/earn from playing and cooking.  No this has nothing to do with sex.  Geez get your mind out of the gutter.  So at this point I guess its about 12 or so and the table is starting to break.  I get up and ask for $200 more.  For those of you keeping count that's $800 I have borrowed that is expected to be paid back before I leave the game.  I was a little concerned because I got down to $90.  Now how am I suppose to explain to my wife that I have lost $710 in one night.  Was too drunk to drive home and every one was laughing cause I kept calling home girl at the end of the table "Hot Chick"  I couldn't remember her name but she was hot and was a nurse.  So any way I am a little freaked out.  I mean I can go have a nice quick runaway vacation for $710 and I have just gave it away. And then something changed and I felt a little more attentive.  It might have been the distraction at the end of the table had left.  Or it might have been just me being me and reaching to next level of my light buzz I had left.  I ended up turning that $90 into $566 and with her owing me $200 I was $33 to the bad.  I paid $40 and told her to keep the tip.  It was an awesome night.  I got home around 3:30 and went to sleep just to wake up at 6;30 this morning.  OH I Love those nights like that.

Monday, March 7, 2016


I have just heard one of the sweetest things I have heard in a long time.  Some people just dont know.  Some people are just clueless.  I hope this person gets the true love and respect they deserve because they are sure giving love and respect even with out others knowing it.  This is so good for my heart.   Just a quick update on the playhouse.  I have finished the porch construstion and have started to vinyl it.  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to sheet the inside of it.  Hope the blogging world is good.  I am doing great.  Peace to all.......

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I wonder if I have a free pass?


I no longer stay out late on Tuesday night's, it's Wednesday night's I stay out late.  Which means I might be out tonight but not sure, I only go out once in a great while now, still a lot of people keeping tabs on me so I don't stay out too late and I don't wonder real far.  I guess I have plenty I could say however I have no ground to stand on.  I miss sex, I ain't going to lie, but I've heard others aren't missing it as much, it's funny the emotions we go through in life.  Either way things are fine, no anger or pain, just thoughts.