Thursday, May 9, 2013

boy time flies

I did not realize it has been March since I posted. Just been busy with work and softball with my oldest girl. I got a coaching spot some how. Still not sure exactly how that happened but I am happy to help all I can. Our team is pretty good for some 7 and 8 year olds. Look forward to how the season will go. Still at my old routine going to play cards tonight. Garden is growing well. I do have to laugh at a good friend of mind on this post. In NC there is a huge concert called Carolina Rebellion. Well 2 couples I know went this year. My good friend has a bucket list of bands she wants to see before she dies and 3 of them where playing at the CB this year. Well it got rained out so she only got to see one. So they proceeded to get drunk. She has pics of her husband and I at our worse (drunk). So this time he slacked off and let her go crazy. They have pics of her on the bath room floor and all passed out. LOL!!! unfortunately she got a hold of the camera and most are gone. Its just funny you have to know this crowd to understand. Hope everyone in the blogging world is doing well. Lets post a song today. Im going over to youtube and will be right back. So skip to 3:00 mins. Bradley Nowell passed on 5-25-96 I think so this goes up to him.