Monday, May 7, 2012

Paster Chef Bigger

There is a local festival that I cooked in this past weekend. Well......I was entered in to cook and I supplied every thing for the cooking to be done. I set every thing up and then at 1:00 am I left my help to watch the food. He was not real happy that I left him out there all night but hey!! Bigger needs his beauty sleep. I went to my local office and caught some sleep. Which was great because I was able to stay up until they gave out awards. My school cooked 3 hogs and I cooked one. It was a blast. There where about 50 people in my division and we got 16. Not to bad. Some of these boys cook hogs all the time. I just do it for fun or to help out the local benefits. But the fun thing was the skit before hand. We had a pig funeral complete with a coffin grill/cooker a picture show, and I was the preacher. I said the last words for Sir Ham. It was great especially when I heard them announce that we got first place in the showmanship division. So this was my weekend it was a blast. O! My oldest daughter has her 2nd Softball game tonight I will try and blog about it tomorrow. Thinks for the comments I have missed you all.