Friday, January 25, 2013


It is hard to admit when you fail. But you have to suck it up and deal. There is no way to hide my failure on this. I took over management of a sales lot on NOV 1 2012. I actually came from airport straight to work. It was my first day back from Vegas. I was excited and nervous. Had a lot of good ideas and thoughts. I worked it pretty hard. Freshened my office and grounds. Ran new ads. Had a smile on my face. And the business was coming in. It was a little slow but there was some traffic. Well deal by deal we picked up we lost. I know why. I was not as educated in the sales end of things like I am in the service end of things. I could have used some training but was also busy trying to help the other store on there service end of things. Among running this store I was still the field manager on the construction. So I was only in the office maybe 3 days a week if that. I had a good sales man but he needed a little guidance on some things and I was not the best one at times. We tried to learn some from the other store but they just wanted to do the job and not teach us on what they did. So I can make excuses all day long but it comes down to this. I picked up about 5 deals and lost them all for various reasons. Since Nov we have not sold a house. My store got the ax on Tuesday. I am working tomorrow in hopes of maybe picking up a deal to carry with me to the other store but I am really low. The hardest thing for me is my fried "amigo" he has lost his job. It hurts me to know I have been part of the reason some one is unemployed. Every one says its a hard time to sell homes and to not take all the blame. I do agree I could have used some more education on things but reality of it all is I failed. I did not uphold my end of what a manager is responsible to do. It sucks so bad. I will be going back to the other office to head up the service issues and be the field contractor again. I am at a very low spot though. A good friend of mine has helped me with things. Actually I have had several friends make me see the good side of things. All I know is I am in a change and I have to look at it as good. I hope all my blog friends are well.