Thursday, November 17, 2016

Just typing....

So this week I am on schdule to set 7 houses.  The before Thanksgiving rush.  Happens every year.  But if all goes well this will give me a great Christmas bonus.  So there is no time to slow down.  Super jealous of my wife tonight.  She is at the Carolina Panthers ball game.  I know she is going to have a blast.  And I have a date night planned with my girls.  It going to be a great night.  Lastly I am gearing up to go to the local casino for some WSOP.  Yes super stoked about this.  I love these trips and also get to lay some cards.  Might even pull a few levers while I am there.  Peace out!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Breaking Through

I have recently posted about the depression I have been facing.  I have broke through all that though.  I am on top of my game and paln on staying that way the rest of the year.  I have a field trip Friday and I have poker after Thanksgiving.  We will see how all this goes.  As for all of you.  I hope you are doing well!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

half and half

I think all this depression has been from my constant checking into the political scene.  Also left over touches on the Matthew hurricane.  I feel some better today.  Only time will tell what all is going on I guess.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


It is taking over my mind and body.  I have fault this depression for some time.  I am mentally strained and worn out.  I have tried to overcome it.  I have tried to work it all out.  But it is overtaking me.  I am mentally and physically depressed.  I have fault it and fault it.  I will overcome it but it is really driving me down at this time.  I have to overcome.  I will overcome.  I am in a battle!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Nice Break

This weekend was a nice break from the norm.  My parents where in the mountains and we had the whole farm to ourselves.  Now we did miss them don't get me wrong but could just do and not worry.  The stew fest was awesome.  I always love sitting around with the fire dept guys and talking, learning, comparing, you know straight guy talk.  It was just an awesome day to fellowship.  Saw so many friends and family.  Everyone "loves" me and "misses" me.  People really do care and truly miss us.  It felt so good.  We didn't win which was fine.  Just being there enjoying the fellowship was so worth it. After the stew fest I climbed my tail back into bed and went to sleep.  I was tired from all the beer I drank the night before and being up at 5am.  This is not my norm.  I got a good nap and then woke up to go burn the hole and drank beet with my BIL.  We hung out for a while and then I went back home and back to sleep.  With the time change being Saturday night I felt real good Sunday morning.  My wife went to church and gathered up our kids that had been staying off Saturday night and I stayed home to get a jump start on the house work.  I washed clothes moved the cooker, brought the tree over from the shop went to the store.  Cant remember what else I did but I did a lot to get jump started.  After all the girls got home we started to rearrange the living room so we could get our tree up.  We deep cleaned the living room and cleaned the Guineas cage.  We moved to the kitchen and on trough the house.  After getting the majority of it all done I asked my wife if I could go to the shop.  Of course she said yes.  And I started back on the 2nd wall.  I am proud to say the 2nd wall is laid out ready to be nailed together and then erected.  Still have a ways to go but after talking to my wife I think I may be close to finish framing in this week.  It feels it has taken me for ever. and it has.  But I have done it all by myself so thats where the time comes in.  having to rig up so one end of a board will stay while you nail the other board and so on.  Either way back to work for me.

Friday, November 4, 2016


Welcome Welcome,

I would like to welcome my readers from France and Canada.  Wow  I would have never thought I would have readers form other countries.  I cant imagine what in the world I you all would think was interesting about my blog but I am very excited about this.

Now to continue with what I was going to blog about.  This weekend.  It would seem I live for the weekend but this is untrue.  I actually feel i stay so busy that the weekend is just a day at the end of my work week and another start into a new work week.  This weekend is no different however I am doing something that you all know I love to to.  Cooking!!  This weekend I will cook approx 15 gallons of Brunswick stew for a minor competition in a town close to mine.  This will be I think the 4th  or 5th year I have done this with my current partner.  This year we are going to tweak the recipe a little.  It honestly makes me a little nervous but I know we will pull it off either way.  So this is my Saturday morning.

Oh! my baby girl gets to go on her girls night out Friday night also.   She is super excited about this.  I have been joking with her about how I am going to take her place.  Of course with this being a "girls" night she says I cant.  So sad LOL.

Now on to the shop.  I have finally gotten one wall up.  Now I may have mentioned this before.  But my goal this weekend after the Stew Fest is to get this other wall built and up.  If I can do this I will probably start on the kitchen.  Either way I finally see progress in the shop.  And hope fully I can have it all finished by March other than some painting.  We  will see.

Again Welcome to my new readers.  Post a comment.  Ask questions.  I look forward to see where this blog goes!!