Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I guess its just life.

Ive been thinking lately about the things I have accomplished in life.  Honestly there isnt much.  I have stuck my neck out on many things just to be cut out of them and watch others benefit from my doings.  I have busted my ass on some things to just see those things get turned down because they where too risky or others thought it was a bad idea.  I feel I have always rode the coat tails of my father to get where I am.  I dont like this.  I dont like the fact that I have never accomplished something and was able to benefit or profit from what I have done.  I question what it will take in life to get someone to latch on to my ideas and help me accomplish and fulfill dreams thoughts and hopes.  Everything I have ever tried has failed.  All the way from my love life to business to just trying to have fun.  What have I missed, what happen for me to not get the help I need for things to go my way for once.  Am I just stupid? Am I an idiot? Am I unstable? I just dont understand.  When I sit and think on it there has to be something wrong with me.  When I think on it I have to have screwed up somewhere.  People come to me with things they want to do and I always try my best to think on them and try to help them figure out how to accomplish there goals.  I wish I could get the same respect from others.  I wish I had a friend like me.  I know that may sound crazy.  The only solution I have been able to come up with is to just do it on my own.  I will have to be very tight and reserved on thing.  I will have to respect my goals and meet them.  I have realized in this life I have no one to count on but me.  I am the only one that is brave enough and crazy enough to do the things in life that I want to do.  Having no support or help with these things will make this a very hard long tiring adventure but for me to ever accomplish any thing in this life I will have to tackle it alone.  I was once told it was me against the world only if I let it be that way.  That I have friends and people who care.  That is only a half true statement.  I may have people who act like they care and say they do but no one cares enough to put their selves on a ledge with me and jump to see if we can fly.  No one truly cares about me enough to take the gamble.  No one cares enough to fail with me.  No one cares enough to succeed with me.  So as this year comes to a close and everyone looks forward to there next year I will be figuring out my next great adventure and I will work my ass off right by myself and either fail or succeed.  I will not leave a stone unturned or a path untraveled.  I will finally accomplish something. I will succeed.  Mark my words I will succeed.  I will beat down every door that is closed in my face and I will continue to stumble forward until I get to a place in my life where I feel comfortable where I feel I deserve to be where I can say this was me.  I will I will.  This is my life.  God gave me a chance to walk this earth, God gave me a chance to succeed.  God has given me the things I need to succeed.  I will no longer let any one hold me back. NO ONE will stand in my way.  One day Im sure some will look back and think "I missed my opportunity" and they will be correct.  This is my life and I intend on doing as I please!  Everyone else can just kiss my ass.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

That was stupid!

I got to quit playing cards, ugh

Ah Ha!

Told you I was right.  Oh good grief it feels so good.  lol I am having a great day!!!

Quote for today

"If my enemies knew all I did, I would be in jail, but if they knew what I did, they would be in jail with me."


Have never

I have never worked this hard in all my life.  I have shut my door and put my phone on vibrate so I can let some tension out.  First things first, yes you may be an inspector and yes I will respect you however I want you to know that you are wrong on this one and I have the information to back it up. Second, again I have never worked this much in my life.  I kinda like it.  I guess I like the feeling of pressure.  I guess thats why running a kitchen has always enticed me.   Having to push out perfect plates during rush hour is a lot of pressure and I thrive in it.  Third, had this sweet little lady call me baby this morning.  Im sure she does that to all the guys but it struck a cord with me the way she looked and said it.  She was so skinny, I mean like super skinny.  I mean like her waist was smaller than my leg.  I had a thought (because I am a man) I wonder what it would be like to get in those pants.  Would it be bony would it even be good.  There has to be only skin between her vagina and her bones.  Was just a thought, I would never do it.  I just had the thought of it.  Next I always remember asking people if they where excited about there trips they are taking and sometimes i would get an answer like. I haven't really thought about it. I understand that now.  I have so much to do before I leave that I can not think about it.  I would actually like to have an extra day to finish the things I need to do before I leave.  Oh well that wont happen.  Other than this things have been good. I have had a dream about pushing open a bathroom door... I sure hope I don't talk in my sleep...  I never thought I could be so (whats the word) aggressive??? or maybe I should say successful in fulfilling the needs of others.  I dont know it was weird and fun and I am back in hiding for sure.  I was sick Sunday night.  I dont know if I doubled up on my medicine by accident or if I was just sick.  I also sneezed 9 times last night and now I am sick with a cold.  I do have a Dr appoitment tomorrow so I will see what he says.

The last thing I will say is I am horny, and I will leave it at that.  I have no way of fixing this, in fact I only know of one way to fix it...  So I will just embrace it at this time and let my mind do the dirty deeds.

Glad to hear everyone is ok...

I heard my mistress is moving out of her house.  Thats the rumor around my house.  I guess I will find out more later.  I have got to get back to work...

Friday, December 11, 2015


Ok Burger King...