Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I do not have Internet at my home. Yes I live in the middle of nowhere. We just got good cellphone reception in the last 3 years. So I can only post while I am at work. I try my best to have all my work about caught up before I start playing with my blog. That is why my post some times are spaced. Been having a good run at it though. Carried the baby to Chapel Hill Hospital to meet with a pulmonary specialist. We changed a few things and she is doing great. Me and the wife are having good days and then some bad. We just don't seem to see eye to eye anymore. I know that is not a good thing but we are working on it. I have a hard time understanding how I love her so much. I mean I really do LOVE her. But yet we seem to be so different. I have thought about divorce and how things would be and it scares me. I don't want to be without her. There is no one else that I want, but yet we bicker and bitch every day. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! We are not talking divorce or anything but I know it could happen. I have seen it many times. I don't know. I just feel better when I type about it. Just seems to get it off my chest. I know you are tired of hearing my complaints but it does help to put it out there.

On a positive note. Sunday night i ate some greens out of my garden. It makes it worth it once you start been able to consume all the hard work.

I will leave with this,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Democrat Or Republican

Wow. I don't get political and this will no way down either party. Well it does one but I will not disclose which one it is.

Me and the Wife where invited to a reverse drawing for a local political group. We have a family member who is running for an elected office. This family member is one who was married into the family under bad circumstances. We really do care for this family member but have to do somethings because of the situation (Its a long story). Anyway, We arrived at this event in causal affair to see some people in suits and some in shorts and t-shirts. that was no problem. Then we ate. The food was good. Then the reverse drawing took place. First off they had the # board behind where they were all standing and you could not see the #s. Second they where suppose to sell 200 tickets and by the time they called out all the open #s they had only sold 162. That was no big deal either. but then they started calling out #s they forgot to take the #s off the board. the tumbler door would not latch so they could not mix the #s up that good. and at one point they dropped about half of all the #s out of the tumbler. It was the most unorganized thing I have ever seen. And these people want to help run a country. They cant run a revers drawing. Oh how I feel sorry for my kids because they will be the ones to catch what is being done now.

Some people may think I am out of line but, There is a very small local vfd close to my house who holds a revers drawing every year. there 300 tickets always sell out and if you don't get yours early you want get one. I know because I did not get one last year. this event runs smooth and is very fun to attend. No drunk lawyers or back stabbing politicians. I think I will vote for the fire chief in this next election.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Following Me

So I was not going to post today. But while sitting in my office chair trying to juggle all my contractors and suppliers I happen to glimpse at the window and there it was. a pink and yellow moth. so i run to the truck and get my nice camera and it is dead. I mean completely dead. so then i get my back up and snap a pic. This moth is not as brilliant as the first one and the pic not as good with the screen back ground but I did get the pic. Nature is just great. Everyone have a great weekend and I will post next Monday if I get a chance.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Story

Well how about a little about me. The story of how I meet my wife. The short version. And There she was!!!! The end

No really. Back in 1999 I was in high school dating a girl. We had been together for a while and her mom did not like me. In Sep 99 there was a hurricane named Floyd (If my mind serves me right). Floyd flooded the town that I hung out in. Well I would hang out with a crowd in town that was not from my high school. And on one of those faithful nights with the water still rising there was a girl brought to my friends house that I had never seen before. She was beautiful with that curly red hair. We hit it off and started talking. The reason she had been brought there was because they could not get to their friends house across the creek. After about 3 nights of me snicking a trip to town to see my new friend she told me if you get rid of the other girl I'm yours. That is all it took. The next morning I was on the phone breaking up. (yes I know that is the scum way out) but I was in love and charging 100% to my new girl. She was so perfect. We have been together ever since. We have good times and bad but they are always our times. We have 2 beautiful girls and really do have a great life.

I have this blog to get things off my chest and try to make my relanship stonger with my wife and I figured instead of always typing about the bad how about typing the good also.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gone like my thoughts

Well the moth was gone. Oh well. I am drawing a blank this morning. Don't really know what to talk about. I have looked around to try to find some off the wall thing to photograph but at no luck. Maybe I will play the lottery tonight. I don't know. Why is Y sometimes considered a vowel. Why not make it a vowel all the time. they made Pluto a dwarf planet. They sent a rover to Mars. Some man took pictures of the earth with a camera and some balloons. But yet Y is stuck in limbo never really know its true identity.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well me and the wife mended our fence. I hate when we get to the point like we where in. But now it is over. I had a morning quickie. Which is unusual. Probably the first one i have had in years I mean seriously years. So you can imagine I am on cloud 9. Everything is falling in to place this morning and it is just a beautiful day outside. Just a little note. (you will think I am crazy) There has been a pink and yellow moth at my back door for the past 3 mornings. But I have yet to take a picture of it. I know, a picture of a moth. But it is so cute. or whatever a manly thing about a moth would be. so if he is there when I get home from tee ball practice this afternoon I will take a shot and post it. I know, you are saying wow that Bigger has deep thoughts. not really I'm just weird. what is weird is I would never tell any one I know that I wanted to take a picture of a moth but here I feel that i can.

Gosh I'm a Loser

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wekend

I hit the ground running this morning. Got a lot going on at work. Which is great. also my garden is looking great. I plan on planting quiet a bit more this coming up week end. Had a argument yesterday with my wife. I will tell my side but as you all know there are more than one side to every story.

I let wife sleep Sunday morning until 11:30 I got up with both kids about 8:30 which is not bad. My parents cooked lunch for us. I washed clothes and cleaned some while she slept. Then we went to town to get cleats for my daughter for her first tee ball practice. we went to tee ball practice we got back home at about 5:00. I have told my wife I wanted to work in the garden. she took the kids and went back to town to get my youngest daughter some medicine. I got to the shop about 5:30 worked in the garden and finished early. Then I started to work in the pecan trees. (We have a Pecan orchard we have to tend also) My wife and kids came back. Well my oldest daughter wanted to stay with me. No problem. But at 7:00 only 1 1/2 hours from when I started my wife was calling. she was pissed because we where not home yet. My house is only 100 yards from the orchard and I was almost done. It is hard to type all of this. basically our daughter has a 8:30 bed time on school nights. I did not get her home until 8:00. My wife made the comment that I always have to help my parents in the most inopportune time. well she Knew I wanted to work in the garden and what other time did I have yesterday. It just really pissed me off. Its not like I am out drinking or getting high or anything like that. I am basically working. Our orchard has potential to be my families and my sisters families retirement but my wife does not see it that way. As much as I love her she does know how to piss me off. Man I do feel Better

To any one who is religious will you say a prayer for my coworker. Her mother passed about 2 weeks ago and now her father has had a heart attack. Thanks

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick Week

WOW. Is it Saturday. I think I just caught my breathe. This week has flown by. Busy Busy Busy. That is the only way I know how to explain it. Monday, at office trying to catch up from where I was out sick the week before. Tuesday, Day off went to an auction looking for a one row planter for my garden tractor. Did not find one worth buying. Wed, At office by myself all day, cohort was in the other office trying to help with there deals. Thursday, Trip to doctor with wife, we had a concern with her and was getting a second opinion. It went very well everything seems to be OK. Friday had oldest daughter at work with me. Then wife came to get her and daycare called and said baby had temp of 102.3. Wife carried her to hospital. ( We don't go there often but doc closes at 12 on Fridays and my wife use to work in the Er full time and now works there on pull. So we get back door service. In other words we get to avoid the wait) They gave baby Tylenol and a breathing treatment because she was wheezing again. She has child hood asthma. wife carried baby to grandma so she could carry oldest kid to dance rehearsal. I went and got baby. When I got there last night at 7:30 baby was in great shape. did not look sick at all. went home, went to bed, and now I am here. Sitting at my desk. It is a beautiful day. We have oldest daughter dance recital tonight, church inn the morning tee ball practice Sunday afternoon and then we start the week all over again. I will try to keep a daily update next week instead of a long post about the week.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Still Here

As it says I'm just real busy. was out last Thursday and Friday and in a different office wed. Just playing catch up