Wednesday, October 20, 2010

am i there yet

School, I use to hate it. Come to find out, not much has changed. I am half way through my semester. Honestly it is not that bad. I love the cooking class we meet 2 nights a week, the only problem is I miss being with my girls but I have made other times to spend time with them. The online classes are time consuming. I have had to run out of my office to interview people a couple of times. And then all the typing. Which I have really gotten better at. Now everybody wants me to cook a gourmet meal for them. I keep most experiments between my family and I that way if they bomb I can order a pizza and just forget it. Looks like at the rate I am going to get my associate it will take me 3 years. But that is not bad being a part time student.

The good news is I have 3 assignments and my final left in one class which I hope to finish this Saturday. And the other class just started this half of the semester the first assignment is due on the 22nd but oh bigger boy has worked hard and is in Ch #3 and should be finished with this class by the end of next week which will only leave me with posting some comments on a school blog and my night class.

So this is how my school is going.

Below is what my instructor called an Arabic Wedding dish. It is a mold of zucchini with a layer of rice and then chicken and then rice. It is garnished with artichoke hearts, grape leave rolls parsley and stuffed tomatoes. It was pretty good. Sorry the picture is hazy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lordy Lordy guess who is 30

No not me but my wife is. We had her party this weekend. Just some family over and I grilled some hot dogs and cheese burgers. It was nice. She got her gift earlier last month it was a new car not brand new but new to us she also got socks and the new Zac Brown band CD. I Do love her and now have to respect her because she is my elder. Or this is the joke I have been playing with her. I think she is now considered a classic. She has heard it all but she is a good sport about it. I still remember telling her not to tell her family I was only 17 when we met. She was almost 19. She got me to the car with candy. I would not change a thing now. I love my life.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The post I didnt want to make.


It happens to all of us. We will all die. You may believe different things about what happens when we go but the real deal is that we all die. I have had many fiends and family die. I'm sure we all have. Today I am going to talk about one person in particular. His name was Jerry. Jerry was a good friend, thru family I think he would be my great cousin. He lived in Florida for a long time and then returned to NC almost 10 years ago. We talked occasionally he would help me and I would help him. If I ever needed some one I new I could call on him, even though I seldom did. I remember when I heard he had cancer. I thought well if any one has ever survived this it will be Jerry. He was a tuff fucker. He was full of stories of his past. I always enjoyed a good Jerry story. He loved to tinker on cars and use to be a plane mechanic in Florida. I was told by my father that Jerry had called him and said that when they opened him up they just shut him back and said there is nothing we can do. I still was in denial. But I was scared to go see him because what do you say. My wife and father said you need to go see Jerry but I didn't. Finally when I felt like I had waited long enough I went and saw him. He was very frail and in pain. I remember he looked like my Wife's grandma did before she passed. Now looking back I should have been there while he could still do stuff instead of waiting on him being bed ridding. Jerry passed this morning about 5:00 eastern time. The last time I really talked and hung out with Jerry was before he found out about the cancer. At this time he told me a story about my great grand ma. My dads, moms, mom. If you can follow. He was there that night she passed, him and his sister. My great grandma was very ill. She told Jerry she wanted to hear the song about the bird. If I remember correctly she passed during this song. So even though Jerry never said anything about this song to me other that the story about my great grandma I feel this is the best thing I can do for him. I'm sure he liked this song. Jerry once told me only the good die young. If that is the case I wish he would have sinned a little more. This is my GoodBye. Jerry you will be greatly missed. But carry on I'm sure we will meet up in the future.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I just wanted to here it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Higher Ground

Well I'm back from my trip. It will be never forgotten. With out boring you with the small stuff I will hit on the never forgotten topics. I caught the big fish it was a 30" drum. I have a picture that my sisters boyfriend should send and when he does I will post it. There was only 4 of us and one guy spent Saturday night and Sunday morning in the toilet. the cabin gets real small with some one barfing. And on Saturday night headed back to the cabin my sisters boyfriends truck caught on fire. I was riding in it. I throwed sand for about 5 minutes before it finally went out. I will never forget that smell. or how hot it was. some how it just burnt transmission fluid off and the damage seems to be minimal. He had it towed back home. That was the highlights of the trip. fishing was so so, it rained some I got burnt another day and the last day I had on long sleeves. To be honest I cant wait to go back.