Monday, August 30, 2010

Blown away

Well here he comes, Earl. The big bad storm. I am a little concerned about this one. Weather forecast shows it to be a cat 4 before brushing off the east coast. I have seen this before and the storm always wants to inch westward. In the past I liked hurricanes. It gave me a break from school. Usually knocked out the power and we have to rough it. But as I have gotten older I realise there is not much good from one of these storms. We have 16 homes with land we own for the business plus our personal residences and 13 houses on our sales lot. A lot can go wrong with this. Also I am suppose to set a house Wednesday that has a raised roof. I do not remember another storm other than Floyd that has been bad. Floyd flooded the small town where my sister sales lot is. In fact, it sits in a flood area. The only good out of that storm was I met my wife. This week will be interesting to say the least. I will keep yall posted on what happens.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Life has been very busy. To catch every one up the surprise date went great. I told her Saturday morning to be ready to leave at 6pm that we had reservations. I did not tell her what town, even though she asked, because the small town we went to only has one restaurant that makes reservations. We ate and just talked for over an hour. It was just like some of our first dates. We where learning each other again. It was very refreshing.

I started last Monday with online classes. Boy was i surprised tring to figure all that out. I have atleasts 2 assiments due every week but they are all posted so I can get ahead which is what I'm tring to do. Class at the coleege on Wed and Thurs. I think I am really going to enjoy it.

My oldest daughter started kindergarten today. Holy Crap. She was just born where has the time gone. They have early outs today and tomorrow so I have all ready spoke to her and she had a blast.

The baby, well she is meaner than ever. She has her moms attitude.

So Im going to get back to work hope everyone is doing good. I should post a little more often Im just busy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stay in School

I have been around posting on some different blogs when I notice that my spelling is terrible. Kids Stay in School. If you know a kid tell them to stay in school. Not only stay in school but listen. That was my problem I did not listen and now I have a hard time spelling. It is something that should not be a problem, but it is.

Thank God for spell check

The Plans

Last Sunday afternoon the baby and I started to the hospital to do a follow up sleep study on her. I was a nervous wreck. I am not use to doing this doctor stuff with out my wife by my side. We had decided I would take her so my wife could go to work and get off the next week to see our oldest daughter at cheer camp. Any way the sleep study went well. We do not have the results back yet but for me it was not bad. So during all of this I really missed my wife and had thoughts about just how good she is. So I concocted a plan. She got flowers yesterday and I plan on caring her out to eat tomorrow night. Just a little jester to say thank you for all you do. We will be going to this nice restaurant down town. Really it is the only nice restaurant around. The part I have not figured out is how to tell her we are going out to eat. My plan is to give my parents a note that they deliver to her at 5:00 pm and it basically says be ready to leave at 6:00 and at that time my parents take the kids. But what if she is not home. She may be out shopping with her mom. she may be, well who know. I should just relax and run with it as it flows. I will let you all know what happens. I love surprising my wife.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pecan Nuts

Well here they are. As Bob called them, they are pecan nuts. These are some of the first to come on our trees. They are on the Pawnee trees. Our Stuart and Desirables are not producing like we wish. But come fall there will be enough nuts to pick up that is for sure. We planted 271 trees and now have a little over 200 left. We have replanted and replanted. Lost some to a drought and some to a freeze and others we are not for sure why. It has been a learning experience. But I enjoy them. We cut the grass about every other week and have to spray round up about every 6 weeks. It has become a big chore but we feel like it will pay off. at least for me and my sister. My parents will end up spending must of the money and my sister and I will benefit from it. I say we but my father does must of the spraying and me and my mother split the mowing. My sister is in Pharmacy School but she did ride the mower some this year. So here are my nuts. Sex does sell and since I have never found my niche in the sex industry I deal with nuts, just a bunch of nuts. So far we have produced enough to feed my family's love for nuts. And as it looks that might be the same case this year. But one day maybe in your local grocer you will see Biggers Nuts in person and I hope you pick up a bag.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sex Sales

There is no Question about it. Sex sales. Every where you turn there is something to do with sex. With that being said to attract new readers to my blog the next picture I post will be of my nuts. Shy or not this has to happen. Maybe tomorrow or the next day but I pledge not to post until my nuts are on this blog. I'm guessing I will have at least 5 comments after I post my nuts. We will have to see. So tell all to keep checking for the first ever posting of Biggers Nuts.

Friday, August 6, 2010

This is me and my better half

I have been debating for a while about posting pics of my self. You know I don't want to become this famous blogger and get my on TV show. But with my looks it could happen. I also have a slight fear of having a stalker, but anyway. With all my paranoia aside this is me and my wife. Now you can put a face with the name and know why my name is Bigger.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Backwards Investing

Tomorrow will be a bitter sweet day for my father and I. We purchased a piece of property in a big town with a lot of growth. Then we picked a floor plan had it drawn. Took the plans and had at least 2 quotes on all things needed to build. Good profit, good lot, lets go. With septic info approved it was time to apply for building permits. Then it happened we got cold feet. Was the market strong enough to sell a big house, what was happening, it was crashing all around us. The housing market was going bad. We did not build that house. We put the lot back on the market. The bad part is we borrowed quick money (for the land) at a high interest because we new that we would consolidate the land into a construction loan. Well that never happened and for the past 2 years we have been paying this high interest rate. It is kinda like those interest only loans. So tomorrow we are suppose to close on the land. for less than we bought it and a loss of all the interest. I am glad to see this piece of dirt go. If I were to go back I don't know what I would change. I do know I would have borrowed $ in a different manner. The only good part is we purchased a house this week and have borrowed against it to cover the loss on the land. With this being a flip we should be able to recoup. But it is a hard lick. Bad investing has brought down many companys. Lucky for us this is just one bad investment. Bigger is just going to have to turn up the heat and sell an extra house.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It is no secret I live and work in a country area. The deer roam the coons run and the opossum play dead. My office is right out of this small town and is surrounded by fields on all sides. We have had problems with mice in our office and I have been able to catch them at first sign of there poo. I worked Saturday at my office. Monday I was out checking on our houses. Tuesday, yesterday, I came in late so Deb my coworker could go to our other sales lot and help them out. I noticed a stinch in the air but not to bad. This morning I walk in and I am hit with this rank, retched, odor that made me gag. It is a dead mouse. Or so I think. I look around the office tring to find it. The smell is strongest in my office. I leave and get air fresheners. When I return I realize the smell is extremely strong. I have to find this dead mouse. I get to my bathroom and open the cabinet under my sink. And there is the smell. I have my head all in there tring to find this small rotten mouse when I see it. Not a dead mouse but a dead baby opossum. This thing is the size of a rat. you have never seen a bigger jump like I did. It just startled me. A dead Smiling opossum. So I remove this rotten carcass.

Tell me how in the world did a opposum get under my sink. When the smell clears I will have to find its entrance. Hell if a opposum can get in there so can a rat, snake, cat, hell another oppsoum. Thank god you all dont no me personally this is embarrsing. I am a clean person and usally dont keep my oppsoun under my sink. Damn that is nasty.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've been around just lost. Seems like life just takes me away sometimes. i have been doing good. My ladies are good. Life just seems grand. We are getting geared up for school. My oldest starts kindergarten this year. she was in school last year in a class they called transition. She will be going to kindergarten which is more like real school. We got a new dog last Saturday. I mean my wife got a new dog last Saturday. She is cute, not what I would have wanted but she is not my dog. I am going back to school for Culinary Technologies. So since I will be gone 2nights a week she wanted a guard dog. And for the baby, well she is growing way to fast. I have to carry her to Chapel Hill for her last sleep study. She is doing great. I think everything is just fine. It is amazing how some reflux can make you so sick. But Thats about it.