Monday, February 29, 2016


My email says my account was logged in under another device.  So I have had to change my password.  Will go over details of my weekend later.  it was awesome and sad at the same time.  I think i like drinking alone or with my BIL.  So much less drama than when you have females together.  Sorry Women but you all know its the truth, Dont lie, I know.  More than yall wish I did.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thanking God

I have been able to accomplish many things lately.  I am super excited about the things I have going on.  I received a fortune cookie a while back, and though I don't believe it is actually a fortune this one I kept and taped where I can see it every day.  It said "All the preparation you've done will finally payoff."  I can see where it is finally paying off and things are turning.  I was able to bid on a house the other day and even though we lost the bid it felt great to be back in the "Flipping" game.  We are very close to getting our personal line of credit where we shouldn't have to depend on investors.  We are closing on our rental next Tuesday.  Things are moving along.  I can say the weather has been a bitch.  It has rained and rained and rained.  Everything is wet so work has been sucking and we are very backed up.  But hey, whats that old saying "Aint no hill for a climber."  I am a DAMN CLIMBER!!

Now on to the fun stuff.  Poker, I have placed in the money in both of the last 2 tourneys I have played.  I am taking my time and learning the players a little more and making smart bets.  I am playing a little more aggressive and not showing any weakness.  It may be the medicine but my mind has been able to slow down and I don't get so uptight anymore.  I also have a great poker face.  That comes from practice and lack of actual caring.  I do love Texas holdem.  I have a trip planned to play the WSOP in March and in April.  Last time I played the WSOP I bubbled. It may happen again but sitting for 12 to 13 hours playing cards to me is awesome.  Other fun stuff, I will be starting back on my girls place house this weekend.  I will be releveling and building a small 10x4 covered deck on the front.  If I have time I hope to shingle the whole playhouse and possibly install the 15 light door.  In the shop I have been really busy.  I have moved everything from the right side to the middle so we can build a 12x40 loft.  Under the loft will be the bathroom and the kitchen.  I have the plans scratched on paper and the finishing look in my head.  If I can pull all this off it will be freaking awesome.  There is also talk about hanging a screen from the rafters down and installing a projector for a huge screen where we could have the "big game" party's and racing parties.  The screen will be the last thing we do if we do it.  I am also in the progress of buying some cows.  Along with the cows I will personally be buying a couple hogs to raise for meat.  I am super excited about the hogs.  I think over the next 3 to 4 years I will be able to turn it into a small hog farm operation where we will be able to have 3 to 4 hogs slaughtered and everything will be paid for.  Its like free meat!  Lastly after or possibly before I get the hogs I will be building a Chicken coop and having 6 chickens.  This is my thought as of now.  We will see how it goes.

As you can see I keep myself busy.  I have to.  In fact yesterday we closed early because of the possibility of the bad weather and of course I went to the house and worked in the shop.  Then went home and ate supper with the fam.  At 9:00pm I told the wife I was going to lay down.  She was very surprised since I am usually up till 12 or 1.  I remember telling the girls to cut off the tv and go to bed and then I went straight to bed and slept till 7 this morning.  I was tired.  However I have now caught up on my sleep and will be going back at it strong for another month or so.  Oh I almost forgot.  I finally finished the bed.  It is pretty cool.  And we will be going to a drunking good time of a party this weekend.  Oh the joy, I have bet someone I can out drink her.  I mean really I am a 300 pound guy and she aint as big as a minute but she swears she can out drink me.  I think the 12 beer nights I have been having will put her in her place.

Also want to say thank you for the comment.  Its been so long that I figured no one was reading this blog anymore.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Its been a rough road

I can sit here and say what ever I want to.  But I will keep it simple.  When you hear of how devastated kids are, it changes your out look on things.  Some times we have to sacrifice things we want to do and things we shouldn't do to make sure others are ok.  Im learning to live again as I said yesterday.  Im learning how to deal with people and things in life.  Im learning how to except the way some people are.  Im learning to deal with life.  There are so many things I would like to say but I will keep it simple.  I will say that there seems to be a lot of people who talk.  I will say that when I made a comment about not needing alcohol in my life I was lying to myself and the world.  I have consumed more alcohol in the last 8 months than probably the last 5 years of my life.  I am on medicine to make we more mellow.  I like shooting guns.  Shot quiet a few this weekend including a SKS.  I am still working in that damn shop.  It will take me a year to get it even close to where it needs to be.  I am building a bathroom and a kitchen in there.  It will be a man room i hope.  I will have plenty of storage above the bathroom and the kitchen for my mother.  The other project I am working on is getting a pecan harvestor for the farm.  This is needed so bad.  Over 1500 lbs have been picked up and we are guessing another 2000 lbs left on the ground that have been eatin by animals.  We are getting a few years from having 10,000lbs a year.  We need a screen shaker also.  This is just for picking up the pecans not even the sprayer, shaker and blower we need.  I am thinking about buying a crossbow.  I have a friend that is going to let me shoot theres.  I am excited about it.  Im trying to find alternative things other than poker and beer to do.  I have blown an easy $10,000 on poker.  Just gone, bye.  Oh well I enjoyed every minute of it.  Ive made comments to people that I was truthful about.  I also have no idea how to login... my memory is not that good.  Im going to go home and eat some hawain chicken I put in the crock pot this morning.  I still do most the cooking and kitchen cleaning.  I have my daughter cooking some also.  Im just learngin to live again.  Maybe one day I will be able actually speak to others again and explain it all.  There is a lot going on in this mind.  I just keep moving forward and trying to do what God expects.  Exept drinking, he knows I drink to relive stress and most of the time a drink alone so I am not causing anyone to stumble.  In fact I plan on drinking alone tonight.  maybe working in the shop and singing country music.  Later blogging world

Monday, February 1, 2016

Learning to live

Learning to live again, Ill explain later.