Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial day, the 600 and yard work

What an awesome weekend.  It started by y daughter cooking for my grandmother Friday night.  She made some garlic parmesan chicken and it was so good.  Saturday morning was up and atem with yard work being done and play house finishes.  The girls painted the door and I worked on the list I had.  It was a long list so I wont go into detail.  Sunday night we went to a good friends house and watched the 600.  That was awesome they had a guy cook hibachi food.  it as so good also.  The weekend was awesome.  As far as the play house all that is left is a door knob which I should get on tonight and skirting underneath.  My guy should be there some time in June to finish the soffit under the porch.  I will try to post a picture of it.  Hope the blogging world is well.  Thanks for all the views on my blog yall are the best.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Just keep getting better

I know everything can be taken from me in one swipe, however things just keep getting better.  My boss has been nominated for a position in Raleigh.  It is just a nomination however it will give us a great competitive edge on out competition.  He does have to get voted in and I think he will.  We will just have to see. Work is flowing and we are killing it at this time.  Looking new contractors to help keep up with all of this.  Life is awesome!  Ballgame last night.  My baby girl killed it.  Playing first and hitting a home run.  She has an eye for the ball.  My wife made my night last night by buying me a floor jack.  Yes I know it doesn't take much but she just made my life so much easier.  Now I am going to get me an impact wrench and changing tires will be a breeze.  Now back to work.

Bigger Quote of the day: "Life is a Gamble, so I work my ass off so I can bet on myself!"

Monday, May 23, 2016


I almost forgot.  I got access to about 70K this weekend.  Freaking awesome.  I have already been searching for a house.  I found one but am not to excited about it yet.  Have to see what the market value is in that area.  I am going to the new store tomorrow so I will get to look that way and around my other store in that area.  Super excited.  Cant wait to get on that flip high again!!

Done all I can

Even after the state has been split in half.  I am still getting calls about what has not been done yet. And they want to know why.  Its the same story it has been for the past few months.  I cant handle it all.  I told them over and over again.  Seems no one is or was listening.  As of right now I am caught up on my side.  I am going to the beach tomorrow to help him catch up.  It will all end right back up in my lap.  I know it will.  it always does.  But till then I will continue to work as hard as I can to make that dollar.

On a side note I had an awesome weekend.  Have no complains at all.  Hope all is well in the blogger world.  Peace out homies!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I laugh at my self and what crosses my mind.  I laugh at how care free I am about saying things to certain people.  I just laugh.  I am on a high of sorts.  Life is good.  In fact I am just sitting thinking about what I need to cook for supper.  Who knows.  Not even sure if my ladies are eating with me.  Maybe I will find out about 5.  Until then I will just smile and work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bitter Sweet Fires

It is amazing how much info you can learn by watching a fire from afar and talking to 2 fire dept chiefs.  You learn about wrecks, bets, dead people and sex.  Just a great night to drink a few cold ones and shoot the shit.  Oh and burn some stuff.

Bitter sweet comes in where I just gave up have my work load.  I am so relived but lost too.  It had to happen I couldn't handle it all.

Till later have a great day blogging world.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Chicken, Surprises, and "up sexy"

What an awesome weekend.  Its pure got my Monday on a high.  I will start with the dance recital my girls had.  I do love to see them dance.  Also I got to see a few of my teens I use to teach at church dance.  One of them is awesome at what she does.  She brings so much attitude and emotion to what she does.  It was the best recital I have ever been to.  Just amazing.  That night my father in law and his wife staid at our house.  We got up late and I left to go get chickens for my sisters surprise birthday party.  45 chickens is what I cooked.  They turned out good, I had a lot of complements on them.  The party was Sunday so to throw my sister off, we all went and ate Japanese food.  It was a great time also.  Me and my wife with our kids and my sister and of course her 3 kids and my parents.  Just over all a great great night.  Then Sunday I got up and got ready to cook chicken.  And we had a party.  What an awesome weekend.  Life is so good.  Things are so great.  I think it is because of my faith and love of God.  If you do not believe or believe in another god then thats fine.  You will never hear me bash other peoples thoughts or cultural beliefs.  Just like I do not want my believes bashed.  I think once you summit to him and not openly deny his word things become so much easier and you become so much happier.  I also know that everything can be taken away from me any minute.  God has his ways of doing things.  As of now I am going to enjoy all this work I have, enjoy all this family time, and enjoy all this beautiful sunshine.  I will bask in this great earth God has made and enjoy all the blessings he is pouring my way at this time.  What a great weekend.

I will explain "up sexy" later.  Hope the blogging world is doing good.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Beat Fund – No Type (Rae Sremmurd Cover)

Bad Bitches is the only thing that I like.

I make my on money so I spend it how I like

And let my mama tell me I aint living right


Why am I at work?  Oh I know because  am that far behind.  I keep having these surprise little issues come up and it puts me behind.  Monday I went to South Carolina.  Tuesday I had to go to my other office at 11:00pm.  Today I went 2 miles from South Carolina.  Tomorrow, wait maybe I should say today I have to go close to Virgina.  Boy oh boy I am wide the hell open.  Just got to keep at it.  You cant maintain #1 in the State or #2 in 5 states by not working hard or smart.  Ill check in with yall around Friday.  If I am in a office somewhere.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Quick catch up on life.  I left work on Friday and loaded up to go to a festival and cook a pig in a competition.  I get there and set up.  I had a nice area larger than most which I think I got hooked up because of who we know.  I had lights chairs tables all the good stuff you need to have a great time.  The crowd was awesome.  I got to see quiet a few friends I haven't seen in a while.  One was a high school crush that I still think is so cute.  I got me a great big oh hug.  It was nice.  We set up and drank all night.  The town we where in is not the best town but not a bad one either.  The first fire work went off and every one around me was grabbing there side.  It was funny.  We all where about to pull out and blast a fool.  Oh great times.  I cut the heat on my pig at 1:10.  I temped the cooker and that was it.  I went and played cards a few tents down.  I met some boys from a close beach county that had there on shine, beach shine.  I was intrigued.  I may get up with them at some point and make a run or two.  Saturday morning came and I realized the sun was coming up and I was still drinking.  This is no big deal other than having to drive home.  So I took me a hour nap.  The judges came said I had a very nicely cooked pig.  They did there thing and left.  I placed 4th in the backyard judging.  We walked around for a while.  It is a very nice festival.  Lots of people and things to see.  It was an absolute blast.

Then Mothers day.  Of course I went home and went to sleep around 3 pm and slept till 8 Sunday morning and in my normal fashion I had nothing for my wife or my mom.  But as I always do I pulled it off.  We went to church and then carried my mom and dad out to eat.  With another large part of my family.  Then we met my mother in law and then went home.  then we sent all the women to have pedicures.  While my wife was gone I cleaned the house.  Then later that night I unloaded the truck.

It was a freaking awesome weekend.  I hope everyone had a great weekend also.  Ill blog later!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Not good enough

I placed 4th this weekend out of 48.  Close but not good enough, will try again next year.

Friday, May 6, 2016


Just as a side note I had more page views yesterday than I have had in a while.  Thank you all for reading about this boring life that Bigger lives.

I am leaving work.  Time to get my weekend started!  May you all be blessed and happy.  I will update you all next week.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Just right

Today has been great.  Last night I started cleaning out my work truck.  Which I can say has not been washed in several several years.  It has 265000 miles on it and all kinds of little bugs like when you turn on the left signal light the rear wiper comes on.  The sunroof doesn't shut right and there are several other issues also.  Like the horn, its sounds like a horn off a care that Tinkerbell would drive.  but I plan on putting over 330000 miles on it.  We will see.  Anyway I started cleaning it out last night and plan on washing it tonight and getting it ready for the weekend.  It will be my bed and my resting spot I hope.  Depends on where I have to park.  Then we had a pretty loud storm.  It hailed and rained hard.  The girls woke up and we had a little party in the living room watching the lighting light up the whole inside.  It was so nice.  Then of course I couldn't go to sleep which is not unusual and neither could my wife.

Next thing I know is I hear my oldest daughter saying its 7:40 and daddy is not even up yet.  I crawled out of bed and threw on my clothes from the night before and said lets go LOL.  My oldest daughter looked at me and said " you where sleeping hard want you daddy"  I must have looked rough.  But they got to school with plenty of time and we had an awesome morning prayer and time.

I went back home and got ready, saw my parents for a minute and then ran an errand for them and then went to work.  Just got back from eating lunch with my wife.  Life is grand.  Its just an awesome day in the life of Bigger!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just a few more days until the weekend.  Very excited.  Who knows I may get lucky you know.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Well Now

Guess I was right about that too.  I have one more thing I have predicted and if it comes out I guess I will be a straight up prophet.  I knew it.  Oh well.  Live  and let live I guess.

lets roll

Yes have a huge week and weekend planned.  Lets Roll, As in lets get this week started.  Monday I own you!!  Time to make some money and get ready to fry some ass this weekend.  Hope most everyone that reads this can own there Monday too!!