Monday, August 27, 2012

The Talk?????

It is no secret to you all that my wife and I have had our problems in the past. I recently posted where I had moved out. This past week I had been keeping the kids at the house and she would stay at her moms. We got into a heated argument about some shoes. It really was a stupid argument but one non the less. She told me that she was going to get a separation agreement drawn up. As bad as it may sound, I felt relieved like we could put this thing to bed and start to move on. But then, she told me she was not doing anything until we had one more chance. With this she found a way to stay back at the house one night while I had the kids. It is partially my fault but I am sick and tired of arguing with her especially while the kids are up and at home. If I had challenged her (even though I wish I would had) I know there would have been an argument. So in the interest of my kids I let it go. Now she thinks we are back to the old ways. I am on the couch and she in the bed with the kids. I intend on telling her that I will have the separation agreement drawn up and one of us has to go. I hate that it is the beginning of the school year and it will be so hard on my kids. I just do not want to go on living like this any more. She is a great mother and has been a good wife. We just have so many different point of views on things and we are at a point where we can not even talk anymore. I don't know. I never thought my life would be like this. I will take any advice from anyone on how to help my kids cope with this. They are my biggest concern. I know every kid wants to have the perfect little family. I also know some people leave relationships to escape it all. I would be perfectly fine with having the kids full time. I know it will work out and I am praying for the best.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Some times we get tied up on things and do not take time to give ourselfs a break. 2 weeks ago I left my house because of a huge argument with my wife. I have only gone back to get cloths and when I had the girls or to do some work around the farm. The blogger family is one that is very open. You are able to be yourself and say things that most people do not know about you. you are also able to get advice from people who may or may not have been in the same position. I have neglected checking in on my blogger friends for a while. even though I really needed a listing ear and you can always find it here. Laroo posted a spot about a fellow blogger friend named Bob. His blog "What about Bob" is one I followed. Im not sure what has happened to him or even if he is ok. all I am asking is if you will keep him in your prayers or thoughts or what ever happy place you use to ask for things. And also laroo if you read this let me know how I can get you my email address.