Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just for me


I am pissed. Mother fucking dumb son of a bitch inspectors piss me off. for about 3 months now I have fought this shit and he keeps on with petty shit. dont get me wrong I want it right for the customer but I can not deal with a STUPID asshole. Dont make me look bad just to cover your ass. This is all your fault anyway. you said get an engineer to look at the footers. I can not help that the engineer did not design them the way you thought they should be designed. And also i know you got caught stealing money from your previous job. You aint nothing but a low down thieving son of a bitch mother fucker.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sounds of a deep breath taken

Okay, Back in the saddle.

Last night was my final project in my advanced skills class for school. Also was the dead line for the menu project and my last exam. The past weekend consisted of a yard sale to get rid of some of our junk. A 30th birthday party and a 50th birthday party. So getting to this day in one piece was not easy. I feel that I have been going non stop for about 2 weeks. But now it is over.

School is going real well. I will be taking a couple online class this summer and going back next fall.

My Nuts are good. Trees are coming out and will be a good season.

As for the depression. I sat down Sunday and got depressed again. But I noticed something. I was watching review of the royal wedding. This was the same thing that was on tv the other day when I got depressed. In fact just sitting here typing about it sends that shiver down my spine. Okay Okay Im a softy but I think about my wife and how we got married on the radio and I feel that I cheaped her out of a nice wedding. Plus I see all the charity work they do and it makes me feel like I should do more. Who knows I reckon Im just a weirdo. But I will do my best to post more. And keep you all updated.

I have been following your blogs even though I have not posted.