Friday, March 29, 2013

I have a love for playing Texas Holdem. It cost me some money but its worth it to have the mans night out. When I first started playing with the guys I play with now I made some dumb moves. I did this on purpose to give them the idea that I didn't know what I was doing. It worked that night and I pulled a third place and pocketed $200. Now that I have been playing for a while they know that Im a decent player. Most nights if I dont make the final table it is because I have been beat by a gut shot or pure luck. I did notice the other night that most players would fold if I raised because they know I only play good cards. So the bluffing started. It helped me build back up my stack some. I finished 3rd and pocketed $300 that night. All three of us went all in with pairs. I lost to one guy but beat the other. So anyway just wanted to share the one thing that I enjoy. On an exciting note I have a Vegas trip planed now with the guys I play with. It will be during the WSOP finals if I am not mistaken. They mostly party there so I will be excited to get out and drink. Always a good time in Vegas.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And they are?????

A boy and a girl. I could tell you 20 things I did wrong on this cake but for my first time making a fondant cake I was happy. I was pushed for time and was not able to do any piping which I'm sure was a good thing. Having my sister and brother in law trust me with this bit of info and the first to find out was a real treat. I had some one tell me the other day we had come so far. If you knew the history of my sister and I you would understand. So yes I will be an uncle twice. One quick funny story my baby girl was talking to my sister and asked why was the boy on that side. My sister replied and said it was because God put him there. She looked up at her as serious as she could be and said "no, Fox (brother in law nick name) put them there." So I ask this question. Is 3 years old to young to learn about the birds and the bees? Just thought it was funny.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So many things so little time.

So I have been great. Working, spending time with my kids and a little bit of poker play when I can. I have made several changes around in the past little while. For one, I no longer have TV/cable/satellite. When the wife and I split it was an expense that was not needed. Every one gives me a dumb founded look when I say I don't have TV. I quit watching the news probably over a year ago, I figured I had enough things going on in my life to not be brought down by news. Ask your self this. When was the last time you heard anything inspirational or encouraging on the news? So when then the TV was gone it was fine. Even the kids don't mention it anymore. We keep busy with other things. Another change I have had is reading. I have read more this year than in my whole life. Yes I know Harry Potter is not an educational series of books but they are great books. I'm on my last one and taking it slow because my sister told me once its over that's it there are no more :(. I do have a few books already on my kindle to read after that though. One is called Stepping Up a guide to father hood or something like that. Any way, at the mention of my sister, I am so excited to announce she is pregnant with twins. Yes you can pick yourself up off the floor. It is true. And I the big brother I am, and the one she trust, has been given the right to know the sex of both babies first and to make the reveal cake for her party. I'm so excited and scared. I plan on a 2 tier white fondant cake with pink and blue trim. I should have a picture of it to post here for all the see. With work I'm still in the new location. I'm surviving and adjusting to this change. Its growing on me. We are closer to the beach and the other morning we set a house with the slight smell of salt in the air. It was a great day and a good day. To all my blog friends I hope you are all well. I have been checking on your blogs just not been logging in to post. I just take quick sneaks when I can.