Friday, April 29, 2016


As much as I shouldn't I am leaving work in a few to get a party started.  Got to stop and get some drink of course and then will be on my way to start grilling.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Ill try to check in Monday!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Five Gallons Gone

Yep, you read that correct.  I have been saving five gallons of my best mash ever to run here shortly.  And I found it last night on its side open and every bit of it poured out.  I think its a warning though.  See I was going back to one of my original spots to brew.  And I was going to have to sneak in and out and be very very quiet. I also was going to have to haul extra equipment to get power.  Now I have no idea when I will run again.  Oh well.  I got a gig for next weekend anyway so it was going to be a rush job.  I think I will take time and scope out new spots.  Maybe get me a new partner.  We will see.  As of now I will just remain low.  Like laying low.  That's always the best way.

Side note:  5 gallons doesn't produce a lot of shine.  But it is very strong and smooth so I try to make little runs of good stuff and be able to hide things than to bust out with a large quantity that's not as good.  Just saying.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Alright, Lets Catch up

So weekend before last the wife and I left Thursday and headed to Cherokee Casino.  We got in late and decided to gamble the next day.  She hit for some good money and I lost all I carried.  She ended up giving her share back to the casino also.  So all in all it was a great time.  We left there Friday and headed to Bristol.  There was a large group of us and we staid at the end of a cul-de-sac in a very nice neighbor hood.  We had 3 houses to stay in and a community house where we all ate and drink.  Steak appetizers and shrimp boil was our Friday night supper with plenty of alcohol.  Those boys know how to party.  Up early Saturday morning for breakfast.  Again plenty of food and alcohol.  I thought I drank a lot but I aint got nothing on the boy having Vodka for breakfast.  To the track we went. Had a nice Mercedes bus to carry us over and right to our gate.  Went up to our suite and again there was food and drink.  All free.  We watched the 4 races Saturday and then left back to a nice dinner. Drinks again and then sleep and then up for the big race Sunday.  I got to feeling real good Sunday and we also won $680 in the race pull.  Then back that night to sleep and up to come home Monday.  I worked from the road Monday and at the office Tuesday just to get out of bed Wednesday morning and head back to the casino for the Tourney.  I didn't do to well and decided to come home late Wednesday night.  Got home around 12:30.  It was a long day but so worth it.  Thats a quick story of the race weekend.  The food was amazing the drinking was amazing and being with all the competitors was awesome also.  My dad does not like to be recongined but they all knew me and where I am from.  He is somewhat a celebrity among our business.  I think its great.  But with all the attention comes a lot of pressure also.

Speaking of work I finally will be getting my own secretary.  Yes thats right my own personal message taker and permit runner.  I am super excited.  Not really with who it is but just the fact I will be able to catch up and hopefully be able to concentrate on other adventures also.  I see everything moving forward.  Unless she doesnt work and if she dont I think we will just find me another one.

The play house is so close to being finished.  I just have not had time to work on it.  I will be making time next month to finish it and my rear yard Hopefully.  We will see.  Other than that things are just cruisin along.  Hope the blogging world is doing good. Later yall.

Friday, April 22, 2016

I do not want to be here.

I am so tired and want to go home.  I am sitting at work waiting on 6 o' clock.  I laid down on the couch last night at around 7.  I got up and ate a little at 9 and went right back to the couch.  Slept till this morning.  "Work hard play harder" is my motto and I have been living by this sense I told my wife that I was having an affair.  It has been a year this past Wednesday.  At least that's what I was told.  So if that was so then today a year ago was when my "mistress" (as I have heard her referred to) told me that she could never see me again.  Just a lot of thoughts going on in my head today.  Nothing bad and nothing wrong.  Just grateful.  Grateful for many things.  Some I may not should be grateful for... Some I know I should be grateful for.  If I could say one thing to the world.  Make sure you know who you can trust.  Trust is a hard thing to come by.  If you need a friend to keep a secret for 10 years make sure they will.  Make sure they understand how important it is for things to be kept a secret for that long.  Cause all it takes is them telling one other person your secret and then its out.  So in other words.  Choose whom you trust.  I have trusted many.  And they have trusted many.  Yet some whom are trusted are not willing to keep secrets.  I hope this rant makes sense.  If anyone gets mad or upset about this then they have misread this post.  Nothing I write should be taken personal... What I write should be taken with a Bigger mind set.  signing off for the weekend I think.  Later

Thursday, April 21, 2016

So tired

In the past 7 days I have driven for at least 40 hours.  I also have worked for 30 hours.  I have seen 5 races, a concert, been to the casino twice and drank at least 72 beer.  Im back at work today and pushing through.  Still want to tell you all about the race the casino and the life of this guy you all call Bigger!  Great Great Times.  Maybe tomorrow.  We will see.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thank You blogging world

I want to start with a huge thank you to my blogging friends whom read and comment on my blog.  Several years back I had two great blogger friends. We spoke and commented weekly on our blogs.  I know one of them passed away and the other disappered I am thinking the worse for her too. I plan on checking out your blogs this week.  I have been slack.  Hopefully later today I can tell you all about our weekend.  It was awesome!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I just want to talk.  Have had a great week and it keeps getting better.  I want to start with women.  That one who wore her pants tight and obvious didn't have on underwear or if she did they where thongs.  Yea I was looking.  And the other lady whom I have always thought was so cute that hair and those thin lips.  Umm Umm.  And that little dance I saw you do.  Yep it was killer.  Being surrounded by all that beauty makes me smile.  Oh and the lady whom was cute but knew her shit didn't stink.  Oh I laughed to myself.  Bless you lady.  Was so good to see old friends and people of the past.  Oh and that one red head.  Yep was nice to finally see you and not behind a counter.  Any way thats my lady rant for today.  Next is about the weekend.  I see gambling drinking and racing happening.  I will update on this next week some time.  If I have time.  I have a lot I need to do.  As always its mainly work but not all of it.  Im ready to get my drink on.  I have a goal to digest around 60 beer this weekend.  Hope to go for 72 but I have to keep my composure.  SO I will get back with all yall next week.  Wait Wait.  Also the blonde who sent me that picture.  I loved it :-* to you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Long night ahead of me.  I have to work late to catch up so I can enjoy my weekend and my next week.  Plus if all goes well I will have a surprise for the family soon.  I am super excited about it.  I am sure I will hear a lot of lip about part of it but hey, its my family and my children so suck it!

Dierks Bentley - Somewhere On A Beach

Monday, April 11, 2016


Something is up with me.  I dont feel right.  Something isnt right.  I didnt sleep at all last night.  I tossed and turned a lot.  Thats not like me.  Somethings up.  Got to figure this all out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Going Crazy

At this moment I have 42 deals I am looking at.  As the boss has said we are looking at the best year we have every had.  These deals do not include the new lot we have opened.  it brings to me a great question.  Im trying to figure out how to handle my future.  I see us expanding quiet a bit.  I see 3 or 4 more stores being opened and succeeding.  This has been the plan the whole time.  My concern is once we get that large we will be looked at as a very successful company and the ones in the business know that once you get like that you start getting looked at and asked to be bought out.  my boss is already great friends with the high ups.  I say high ups loosely.  He is in constant contact with owners of many large companies that have already bought out many competitors or have been part of the competitors shutting down.  Either way I see us growing and expanding and then being offered a deal that we wouldn't turn down.  So then I am out of a job.  If it where to happen in 10 years I would be 44.  I mean really where does a 44 year old construction guy go?  He goes no where.  So do I step out on my own?  do I take a chance? do I stay here for the ride? Im so confused in life.  I have told the boss that if certain things did not happen I was going out on my own,  this is on our extra adventures.  Do I go ahead?  I feel I have a backer or two.  But then again Im not sure.  Who the hell knows.  I will continue to pray and think till I make a decision.  Peace out Blogging world.

Monday, April 4, 2016

We need lows

you cant appreciate your highs with out your lows.  Im on a low.  Been this way.  Dont even know why.  Either way back to work for me I have 15 more mins then I can start drinking.  The drink always gives me highs.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Rain Rain

Well this will hold me up.  But I can make due.  Cause I am the man!!