Saturday, April 21, 2012

My First 5K

So I have a co worker who has 2 daughters in a running club at a local health center. A couple weeks ago we where talking about our work outs and I mentioned I had been running some. She said she needed someone to help her run with one of her daughters. I told her I would be glad too. So this morning I met them at the 5k run. The little girls name is Brenda, she is 8 years old. Just as cute as can be. I am proud to say that out of her running club we got first place, and her sister got 2nd. We ran in in 37:42 which was just below my goal of 38 minutes. I left after we got back but her mom said every one was talking about her/us running. I really enjoyed it. To see the look on her face as she crossed the finish line and how proud she was of her self is enough to make anyone support a kid even if it is not your own.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thank You

So I have 2 blogs I follow. Laroos and Bobs. For close to a year I have read there blogs and ignored mine. I have not even clicked on my blog to see if anyone has posted. I had lost the need to speak. I kinda took myself to a place of solitude. But this past Tuesday night I clicked on to my blog from Laroos blog and read every post I have ever written. There was not many but it carried me back and was good to read. I want to think Laroo for not taking my blog link off of her blog.

Thank You Laroo!!!!!

Even with the girls and my wife I was alone. I still feel that way some. During the past year I have lost 85 lbs. it feels good. I have continued to go to school even though it is kicking my ass. The kids are great. Growing like crazy. The baby is a handful. She has a mind of her own. she will be 3 this year. HOLY COW.

My marriage is on the rocks even more now than ever. We have just drifted apart. It is sad because if we do split we have two wonderful kids that will have to be shared. Every holiday, birthday or and other day. it makes me cry and want to stay but my heart is not in it like it use to be.

Any way so Biggers blog is back up. We will see how ling it last this time.