Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Check Up

Carried the baby back to the Doctor today. Sat there for 2hours and 45 minutes. He said she sounded worst than it really is. he also said she may have reflux and that could be part of it. Just updating everyone on this. Thanks for looking

Monday, December 28, 2009

A lesson learned

Well it is after Christmas and back to work. but I had a great time. I had a very educational christmas this year. As every one knows this year has been hard. I am in the housing industry and the market is just horrible. My wife and I cut back on all the gifts we gave out this year. With the hard economy and the birth of a new mouth to feed our christmas funds where low. I was caught in the ba humbug state. I always try to buy my wife something special and we go all out for our kids. (Yes we have been very blessed over the years). But this year I found my self walking around not knowing what to do. Everything was just wrong. While tring to shop for that last minute gift for my wife on 12-23 I got the call that my baby was going to be admmited to the hospital. We have been dealing with a cold since thanksgiving and she just could not shake it. She started to breath heavy and cough alot so my parents who keep her called my wife and met her at the hospital. My dayughter who is 6 mionths old had phemonia. She was put in the hospital. After all I had been through with chritsmas shopping and lack of money this is the last thing I needed. I was ill. Any way we where able to come home Christmas eve night just in time to catch the end of my mother side family christmas and to get ready for santa clause to come. My 5 year old daughter was estatic. Now to the lesson I have learned. It is not about the cost of Christmas or what you got or give at christmas it is about being together with your family. I was so close to having a child in the hospital and not at the house like we had planned. Out of all the christmas's I have had this is one lesson that I will never forget. dont take for granted the simple stuff. Just to let you know she is doing alot better. We expect her to be 100% by the end of the week. I will keep you posted.

Friday, December 4, 2009

i am go for my first post

Here we go I think I may be an official Blogger. the ? is how long will I blog before someone finds this and starts commenting. Yes I cant spell and do not have the best wrighting skills but it will be Ok. I have No idea what I will be writting about but will try to update every day or more than once a day. Who knows. We shall see.