Friday, May 28, 2010


I am off to the beach to celebrate Memorial Day. It will be a weekend of sitting around and doing nothing but drinking beer for me. I may do some fishing and might do some shrimping definitely some grilling. But I will keep the men and women past,present and future that serve this country on my mind. My oldest daughter has been out of school so I have had her this week. Yesterday we stopped at a store and bought a small American flag and carried it to my grandfathers grave. I like to tell my kids of how it use to be, and about the people they never met. My grandfather was in the navy. He was a drunk and I never was able to really get to know him. We did see him on some holidays and when he was on a sober streak. I figure if he served this country he deserves a flag at his grave.


At the top is suppose to be an American flag but I can not get my computer to copy and paste.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bloger Block

I'm in the middle of a brain freeze. Not from ice cream but from pure blankness of my mind. I have a few blogs i follow. Sometimes when I read them before I write on my blog i want to write about the same thing they talked about. Like Laroos (Are you my life) trip makes me want to talk about the Disney trip I booked last week for me and my kids and the wife. Then Bobs (What about Bob) has a music video that reminds me that I am tring to go to Virgina in July to See Sublime with Rome. But I feel like I should come up with my own thought. Which is where I'm stuck. I don't have a thought. thinking is just to hard for me to do right this minute. I think I am burn out. I think I want a beer. I think 2PAC is alive. I think Elvis is dead. I think i am done.

Oh there it is I am going to ride my 4 wheeler this Sunday. Yes I am part Country. But don't care for the music. It has been a long time since i have Delved into the nasty, sloppy, goo they call Busco Beach. 2 hours from any ocean this place is great for any ATV off road enthusiast. I will let you know how it turns out. I have blown an engine sank my 4 wheeler multiple times and broke an axle at this place. MAN IT IS FUN.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still here

im still here just busy. All is well. Hope everyone is doing great. I should be able to write a little bit more thursday.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Early Bird gets the Worm

I have heard this saying for years. And there is some truth behind it. But every time I heard that saying I would always follow with. "YEA but the early worm gets ate." and there is some truth to that also. I have learned to play it both ways. I do think getting started early is the best way. But I say get up look around see which worm is the longest. Make a call and see what kind of worm your neighbor caught. Don't jump the gun. Play the field. We only have one life to live so if you want to sleep in occasional, it should be fine there will be other worms. Bigger juicier ones. Like at the bottom of the tequila bottle.

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO or how ever it is spelt.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tee Ball

And I thought my life was good. Then my oldest daughter started tee ball. We had our first game last night. My wife was a soft ball girl and it seems to have carried over to my oldest girl. She seems to enjoy it and she will charge the ball. The name of there team should have been the hornets because if a ball comes toward them they swarm to it. Right now it is who can get the ball. They don't quiet understand the "throw to first" thing. But to watch her is great. I look forward to many afternoons at the diamond.

For an update on my littlest girl she is great. running at 110%. We use to think she was a happy baby but we had know clue of how happy she could be. She is pulling up and trying to step. It want be long before we have to lock up the place.