Monday, March 6, 2017


It is amazing the things you can learn sometimes.  It also makes you look at other people in different ways.  This weekend was full of learning new things.  It makes me wonder about people.  About what they have said to me, about what they are doing in life.  I guess I made the right decisions.  I just cant believe these things, but they all came from reliable sources.  Either way its their life not mine.  I just hate it for the ones they are screwing over.  How many times are you suppose to forgive people and allow them to keep stabbing you in the back.  I know the Lord says 70 times 7 or something like that.  It just seems like these people would get a grip on life and decide on which way they want to go in life.  I guess if you are getting your cake and eating it too though you just think its the best thing in life.  I did wrong for a long time in my life and I felt bad about it.  I now am walking the straight path and staying away from any wrong doing.  Sure its an everyday battle but one I want to fight to have this life I have.  Others just do not seem to have a care for those who love them or care for them.  It is just a shame.  All the lies and all the deceit.  Glad I am no longer part of the lying crowd.  Just reminds me to keep close eyes on everything in life.  No one is who they seem.

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