Friday, February 24, 2017

Running Water

My goal for this weekend is to have running water into the shop.  I have the bathroom all but done.  All I need is to run the water to the toilet.  Not done because I have been digging the trench all week.  But will be done tonight (i hope) And the bathroom will be done.  Minus the toilet but my parents want a new toilet so I am going to reuse there old one.  Still have to put in the septic tank but I will get it done.  The kitchen needs the sink cabinet built.  I have the base built and plan on finishing it tonight and setting it in place so I can measure for the counter tops, cut out for the sink, finish the plumbing there to the outside and then all I will have to do is put in the septic tank.  Oh and wait on the hot water heater to come in.  It should come in next week.  Once I have these items done I can begin to set my other cabinets and place the stove and fridges.  I have them rough placed but do not want to attach them till I know for sure thats where they need to go.  I have this fear of the cabinet being a 1/2 inch off and then everything having to be moved.  Things are moving slow but they are moving.  I have done this whole project myself other than having my dad help hold osb board to the ceiling of the bathroom.  I have framed, sheeted, wired, and plumbed.  Built cabinets and I am about to build counter tops.  It has been a great project to learn and have hands on experience.  Cant wait for the septic install.  Other than all the digging it to should be fun!

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