Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What a damn time......

Wide open is an understatement.  We are opening another store.  That will be 4 stores.  We also have finally found a few foreclosures.  So I have that going on.  We are also building a new deck at home.  (This deck build will take a while.)  I hope we are about to hire another person to help me.  I still mow pecan trees on Friday nights and drink beer.  Dad told me the other day he was looking into a tractor with a cab and heat and air.  I told him there is no one on that farm that would be more happy than me.  But,  we need a tree shaker and harvester first.  There are so many nuts this year.  If they continue and do not get diesesed or have a storm blow them away things will be great.  Just checking in.

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